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Homoeopathic medicine for scabies


The skin condition known as scabies is frequently brought on by a microscopic mite. It is also referred to as the “seven-year itch” and is brought on by the female mite Sarcoptes scabiei. The main way that scabies is spread, which is exceedingly contagious, is through direct touch with an infected person. Most skin-to-skin contact is where the itch mite is transmitted. Severe itching, superficial burrows, and skin rashes are the main signs of scabies. The ‘human itch mite' is the main type of mite that spreads the contagious disease scabies.

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Along the route, where the mites deposit their eggs, little blisters develop. At night, you can have sensations of severe itching. The inner thighs, elbows, armpits, and fingers are the typical sites where scabies typically develops. But there is now a homeopathic treatment for scabies.The body's natural defenses against disease are boosted by homeopathic scabies treatments.


This illness is contagious by touch, and it can also spread through sharing personal items or sleeping quarters with an affected person. The itching associated with scabies is brought on by the eggs and feces of the mites that live in the skin's crevices. Usually, the excrement and eggs cause allergic skin reactions.


  • Rash – Skin eruptions such rashes, tracks, lines, lumps, or hives are visible on the surface of the skin. This is because of the mites' tunnels. The elbows, waist, buttocks, feet, and toes are the most frequent locations.After scratching because of itchiness, pimples or ulcers develop.
  • Itching – There is severe itching, which worsens at night. This itch is a reaction to the mites, their eggs, and their feces being present in the skin's crevices.
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Sulphur is among the most commonly prescribed treatments for scabies. Intense scratching and itching are warning signs to watch out for, and they get worse with heat and washing, especially at night. The illness is characterized by poor skin with pimply eruptions that are excruciatingly sensitive to air, wind, and bathing.


Causticum is effective against scabies, particularly in the folds of the skin and in the space between the thighs. One of the finest treatments for scabies, which causes severe itching and scratching in the finger webs and extreme discomfort, is causticum. The main signs of scabies situations where Causticum will show effective are burning, rawness, and pain.


When a person has scabies and complains of itchy vesicles that are not eased by scratching, sepia is one of the most effective treatments available. Scratching causes the skin to turn pink. While the person feels better in a heated atmosphere, the condition worsens outside. Sepia is a well-respected homeopathic remedy for scabies because it effectively treats the condition, which is most common at the elbow and knee bends and where scratching does not relieve symptoms.


Arsenic Album is a useful treatment for scabies, which causes intense itching and agitation. In these situations, the skin rips off in big scales and is extremely painful to touch. Skin that is extremely dry, rough, scaly, and filthy burns like parchment. Arsenic Album will prove to be the most effective scabies medication in cases where the skin is very sensitive with severe itching and burning. The person can't sleep because of the intense itching in the afflicted places.

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One of the best treatments for scabies is kali sulphuricum, which is used when the symptoms include rough, dry skin and intense itching. The skin is seen to be flaking and peeling.One of the greatest treatments for desquamation of the skin following skin infections is kali sulphuricum. Kali Sulphuricum is one of the greatest scabies treatments since it is effective in treating scabies that gets worse with heat.


Another scabies drug that is frequently prescribed is psorinum. In cases of poor skin with an extraordinary propensity to skin illnesses, it has demonstrated the most impressive benefits. When this occurs, the person complains of excruciating itching that only gets worse when  they  are  reclining in bed, the  itching  is  so  bad  that  the person scrapes  till  their  skin  bleeds. Psorinum is the most effective medication for treating scabies, which is characterized by unclean, rough, scabby, greasy skin as well as intense itching.

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