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Leucorrhea (likoria), a medical term for vaginal discharge, is the term used to describe the fluid excretion from the vagina. Daily secretion of a small amount of this fluid lubricates the vagina, cleans it by removing dead cells, and guards against infection. Vaginal discharge is often normal, and depending on the time of the menstrual cycle, it may be fluid, white, transparent, watery, sticky, or a combination of these.

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However, vaginal discharge may be the result of a medical problem such a vaginal infection if it is accompanied by unpleasant odor, itching, burning, pain, or changes in color and consistency. In this case, medical assistance is required to rule out the cause. Leucorrhea homeopathic treatments created from natural ingredients are fully risk-free and have no negative side effects. 


Vaginal discharge is a result of physiological changes such as changes in estrogen levels, sexual excitement, birth control tablets, ovulation, and pregnancy. However, it's important to be aware of any infections that might need to be treated with leucorrhoea.

  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Genital herpes
  • Trichomoniasis ( A parisitic infection)
  • Yeast infection
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID)
  • Vaginitis etc.


  • Itching in vulva
  • Thick yellow discharge
  • Sore and painful genitals
  • Painfull intercourse
  • Foul smelling discharge etc.



The most effective homoeopathic remedy for Leucorrhea( likoria )is sepia, which is used when the vaginal discharge is milky white or has a yellowish green tint. Sometimes it could even be stained with blood. The discharge has an unpleasant odor and is accompanied by intense vaginal irritation. The vagina also experiences a burning feeling. Sexual contact is quite painful. After urinating, there is a profuse vaginal discharge.


Before and after menses, it gets worse. It is common to have pelvic pain and a bearing-down sensation as though the pelvic organs will protrude from the vulva. In cases of gonorrhoea infection, Sepia Officinalis is also specifically recommended for unpleasant vaginal discharge. Women who need this medication typically experience numerous menstruation abnormalities. The best treatment for leucorrhea ( likoria), which affects mostly menopausal women with severe hot flushes, perspiration, and weakness, is sepia.


While Sepia is the preferred medication for vaginal discharge accompanied by pelvic pain, Conium is also recommended to treat this condition. For discharges that are white or yellow, conium might be employed. It is accompanied by abdominal cramps that feel like they are from labor. Vaginal burning is noticeable, weak in the lower back.


Pulsatilla has significant benefits for milky white vaginal discharge. It is really thick, and lying down exacerbates the discharge. It causes burning and itching in the vagina. Another telltale sign is the existence of back discomfort, weakness, and vaginal discharge. For gonorrhea with thick, milky-white mucous discharge, pulsatilla is also advised.


Oftentimes, Natrum Mur is advised for translucent, watery vaginal discharge. It is incredibly domineering and mixed with vulnerability. It may come with stomach ache and symptoms in the lower back. Vaginal itching is another possibility. Additionally, it can be applied when a thick, white vaginal discharge takes the place of menstruation.


The vaginal discharge resembles the white of an egg, borax is the best treatment. A sensation of warm water flowing is present. The two weeks following the menstrual cycle are the worst for this type of discharge. It could accompany a labia swell.

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The greatest treatment for vaginal discharge and intense genital itching is kreosotum. The bed linen is stained yellow by the yellow vaginal discharge. The discharge smells very bad. In between phases, the condition deteriorates. Walking and standing make the discharge worse, while resting or lying down makes the patient feel better. When having sex, one experiences severe discomfort. Having a urination causes pain as well. When vaginitis is present, this medication is strongly advised.


Alumina is another effective drug that performs well in cases of profuse vaginal discharge and intense burning. Even the heels are covered with a very abundant discharge.  The discharge may or may not be ropy, but it is clear. Itching can also occur in the genitalia. Washing your privates in cold water can help with symptoms.

The patient feels physically and emotionally exhausted after menstruation, and vaginal discharge gets worse during the day.Alumina is a remedy that is also highly helpful for persons who frequently have chronic constipation and endure lengthy intervals between feces.

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