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homoeopathic medicine for abdominal pain

The abdominal pain might appear for a number of causes. Some of the causes such as pain from gas, indigestion, and muscle pull are not significant and usually go away quickly with at-home remedies or modest medications. However, some conditions (such as appendicitis) are dangerous and demand urgent medical attention.

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Abdominal pain of a mild to moderate severity can be treated with homeopathic remedies for abdominal pain because they are natural, safe, and efficient homeopathic remedies for stomach aches. When referring to pain in any part of the abdomen, many individuals say “stomach ache” instead of “abdominal pain.” The stomach is just one of the organs of the abdomen, which also contains the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, big and small intestines, kidneys, and appendix.

Any type of inflammation, infection, or sickness of any of the several organs that are located in the abdomen can cause abdominal pain. The pain in the abdomen may be extensive or localized to one area. Which abdominal organ is hurt depends on where the discomfort is located. There may be  colicky, cramping, burning, tearing, or drawing pain observed by the person.


  • The reasons of stomach pain include the following:
  • Ischemia
  • Aneurysm
  • damaged spleen
  • Infection of the urinary tract
  • Cholecystitis
  • Disease of the gastroesophageal reflux inflammatory colitis
  • Appendicitis blockage in the intestines
  • Anemia


There is a lot of potential for using homeopathy to treat stomach discomfort from a variety of reasons. Except in cases of the presence of any of the above-mentioned critical signs hints of serious cause (acute emergencies like appendicitis, perforated gastric ulcer, acute gallstone, colic, intussusception, etc.), homeopathic medicines help with abdominal pain of various types and causes, such as gas issues, constipation, gastritis, gastric ulcer, food intolerance, food allergies, stomach infection, menstrual cramps, etc.

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Only the standard of care should be used to treat such emergencies. Diagnosis can be made only after proper case taking and then homeopathic can be selected after that. This is crucial to rule out the source of abdominal pain, which will assist determine whether or not one can take homeopathic remedies.



Argentum nitricum is a homeopathic medicine used to relieve stomach pain. Silver nitrate is another name for argentum nitricum. These medications are prescribed to individuals whose stomach pain is brought on by hyperacidity and stomach ulcers. Menstruation and sleep disorders are two other reasons of stomach pain.

These medications are typically provided to elderly patients who are frailer and thinner. People who experience stomach discomfort and vomiting, a feeling of weight in the stomach that feels like a lump, excessive gas, nausea, agonizing and throbbing pain, pain from an ulcer, or intense burping are given these types of medications.Because of this, argentum nitricum can be used to relieve stomach pain.


Another homeopathic medication for treating stomach pain is carbo vegetabilis. Carbo vegetabilis is also known as vegetable charcoal. People who experience stomach pain in addition to other symptoms are prescribed these medications.These drugs also aid in treating stomach pain brought on by gallbladder stones and hyperacidity. Additionally, it aids in providing relief from abdominal muscular pain. Consequently, carbo vegetabilis may be utilized to relieve abdominal pain.


It is a very effective medicine for treating abdominal cramping pain. When someone is in pain, eating or drinking usually makes it worse. Hard pressure, bending twice, or lying on one's stomach can all provide relief. Additionally, the abdomen could be uncomfortable and sensitive to touch. Vomiting can occasionally accompany pain. Also possible is abdominal distension. It can cause pain in the upper abdomen, the area around the navel, or the lower abdomen when used.

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Magnesia Phos is a well-known medication for situations when applying warm compresses to the stomach relieves pain. Use this medication if your stomach discomfort is often cramping, however it may also be griping, colicky, cutting, or shooting in character. Burping can be accompanied with pain.

People who require it also experience relief from hot beverages and applying pressure to their stomachs in addition to warm applications. This is highly recommended for gas-induced colic in young children and newborn newborns. This medication can be quite helpful for females experiencing lower abdominal pain and cramps during their periods.


Those who experience stomach ache after eating can greatly benefit from this medication. The pain could be throbbing, cramping, pinching, searing, stinging, tight, or constricting in character. Sometimes they get radiating stomach to shoulder pain. In addition, people feel weight and heat in their tummies. In the centre of the upper abdomen, in the epigastric region, there may be swelling and pressure sensitivity.

They could discuss their issues with ongoing constipation. They feel the desire to pass stool all the time, although it is useless. But despite having so numerous bowel movements throughout the day, their stools are still not adequate.    


This homoeopathic medicine is quite helpful in cases of searing sensation in the abdomen. People who need this drug frequently compare their intense stomach burning to hot coals. Additionally, there can be vomit present. Loose stools are another manifestation of the aforementioned symptoms. For stomach pain, it is strongly advised in instances of gastritis, stomach ulcers, food poisoning, and hepatitis.

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