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The symptom of stomach pain might appear for a number of causes. Some of the causes—such as pain from gas, indigestion, and muscle pull—are not significant and usually go away quickly with at-home remedies or modest medications. However, some conditions are dangerous and demand urgent medical attention.

stomach pain

Stomach pain of a mild to moderate severity can be treated with homeopathic remedies for because they are natural, safe, and efficient  for stomach aches. Any type of inflammation, infection, or sickness can cause stomach pain. The pain in the stomach may be extensive or localized to one area. The type of discomfort can also differ, such as colicky, cramping, burning, tearing, or drawing.


  • There are several typical reasons for stomach pain, including gas, constipation, vomiting, and irritable bowel syndrome, which affects the colon, or large intestine. Infection which could be bacterial or viral.
  • Gastroenteritis  It is a stomach and intestine inflammation that can result from a bacterial or viral infection and cause diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.
  • Gastritis. Stomach inflammation due to Stomach ulcer, lactose intolerance. GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) stomach acid backs up into the food pipe and produces heartburn.

There is a lot of potential for using homeopathy to treat stomach pain for a variety of reasons.  Homeopathic medications relieve abdominal discomfort of various forms and causes, such as gas problems, constipation, gastritis, gastric ulcer, food intolerance, food allergies, stomach infection etc. Only after a thorough case study and diagnosis can one choose to use homeopathic for stomach discomfort.

It is crucial to rule out the causes of abdominal pain since doing so will enable one to decide if they can take homeopathic remedies or whether they require immediate assistance from conventional medical systems as severe unbearable stomach pain could be a sign of medical emergency



For Abdominal Cramping Pain, Colocynth works great. It is used for treating abdominal cramping pain, it is a very useful medication. The pain usually gets worse when you eat or drink something when you need it. Hard pressure, double bending, or laying on the stomach all provide relief. Additionally, touching the abdomen may cause pain and sensitivity. Painful vomiting can occasionally occur. There may also be abdominal distension. When utilizing it, pain may be felt in the upper abdomen, in the area around the navel, or in the lower abdomen.

Magnesia phos

Magnesia Phos is a well-known medicine used when applying warm compresses to the stomach might relieve pain. Although it may be gripping, colicky, cutting, or shooting in character, stomach pains that require this medication are typically cramping in nature. Burping may occur when under pain. In addition to warm applications, people who need it also benefit from drinking hot beverages and applying pressure to their stomachs. For infant colic brought on by gas both in children and newborns, this is strongly advised. Women who experience lower abdomen pain and cramps during their periods can also benefit tremendously from using this medicine.

Nux vomica

Those who experience stomach ache after eating can greatly benefit from this medication. The discomfort may be sharp, constricting, searing, throbbing, cramping, or pinching in nature. They occasionally experience radiating stomach to shoulder ache. Additionally, they experience heat and weight in their stomachs. The epigastric region, in the middle of the upper abdomen, might swell and be sensitive to pressure. They could express problems of persistent constipation. They constantly feel the need to pass stool, but it is ineffective. But despite passing stool so frequently throughout the day, they still have unsatisfactory stools. It is also prescribed for stomach pain that occurs before and during bowel movements but subsides thereafter This makes up one of the best medications for alleviating pain in situations of gastritis and indigestion, which is especially common after drinking alcohol or coffee.

Arsenic album

For Intense Heat in the Abdomen  Arsenic Album is a great choice This medication is highly beneficial in cases of abdominal burning discomfort. People who need this medication experience severe stomach burning, which they frequently compare to hot coals. There might also be a vomiting present. The aforementioned symptoms can also include loose stools. It is highly recommended in cases of gastritis, stomach ulcers, food poisoning, and hepatitis for pain in the belly.


When Pain Arises and Arises Quickly it can be treated by belladonna. When there are periods of stomach pain that come and go quickly, belladonna is taken into consideration. The discomfort may be sharp, agonizing, cutting, gnawing, cramping, or pressing in nature. Eating and pressing both make the ache worse. In addition to this, walking and jostling aggravate the pain. Along with the aforementioned symptoms, the abdomen is also sore and touch-sensitive.  


When there is pain around the navel, this medication is effective. It hurts in a twisted manner. Touch is painful near the navel. The stomach is bloated and firm. It is among the greatest treatments for the cutting, pinching discomfort brought on by worms in the gut. 

The best homeopathic doctor around should be seen if you get abdominal cramps, as homeopathic medications are known for not having any negative effects.Based on constitutional medicine, homeopathic treatment helps to lessen the discomfort of stomach cramps brought on by any underlying illness.

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