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what is vabbing and why are people doing it at the gym ?

what is vabbing ?

Vabbing, a combination of “vagina” and “dabbing,” is the practice of using natural bodily fluids as perfume, notably vaginal secretions and discharge, by dabbing it behind your ears and on your wrists where you would typically use scent. Women apply the secretions on their wrist, behind the ear, etc. by swiping their their vagina or fully inserting a finger.

What is science behind it ?

The science of pheromones, a type of olfactory connection, is the foundation of vabbing. Hence, communication based on smell. Different pheromones in the animal kingdom can have diverse consequences, such as producing a behavioral response.
Although it is commonly known that many species use pheromones for sex, there is no conclusive proof that humans generate or are able to react to these chemical signals.

It’s possible that this is the case because the majority of pheromone research has been done on animals as opposed to humans, though it’s important to note that a review of all studies on humans concluded that there is “weak” evidence to support our usage of these signals. Having said that, some studies have suggested that our sexual allure may be influenced by our natural body scents.

Does vabbing work?

A pheromone is a substance that is released or expelled that causes other members of the same species to react accordingly. Pheromones are substances that can mimic hormones outside the body of the person who is secreting them in order to affect how other people behave. Vabbing, which is exactly what it sounds like, depends on the presence of pheromones in people that have never been completely proven.

While pheromones are important for animal communication, it is unclear from study if they also influence human sexual and romantic compatibility. The ability of humans to detect pheromones and if this has any impact on romantic or sexual behavior remain unresolved scientific questions.
There is currently no scientific proof that it works to help attract potential partners at the gym or elsewhere.
Vabbing supporters claim that it is effective, despite the fact that scientists and other people have questioned the efficacy of it. Many people have experimented with vabbing and recorded the results. They claim it has helped them have more intense intimacy and romantic interactions with others.

Is vabbing safe ?

There is no particular population that should refrain from vabbing because there are no risks involved.
However, bacterial vaginosis might cause your vaginal discharge to smell bad, making it unsuitable for vaping. There is a chance of infection whenever any instrument or body part is put into the vagina. This risk can be reduced by thoroughly washing your hands before you do anything, however people with long fingernails run the risk of introducing bacteria to your vagina. On the other hand, there is a chance of spreading germs, yeast, or STIs from a vagina to the vab-point and then to whatever surfaces the skin contacts. It’s true that these problems are probably never going to affect the great majority of vabbers. It’s not quite accurate, though, to convey the technique as completely risk-free.

Is Vabbing is a good way to attract someone at the gym true or false?

Before working out at the gym, people do vabbing. The seductive aroma is apparently said to be potent at the gym because it’s an attractive place to meet future partners and you’re in close contact with lots of people. There’s little doubt that the vaping fluids and sweat will combine to produce a special potion that attracts men. Some people do claim  that they allegedly vabed before going to the gym and attracted attention while exercising.
People have been skeptical of the vaping craze because it isn’t genuinely supported by science. However, some are now criticizing the trend even more because it is somewhat unhygienic to be touching gym equipment after having your hand placed up there. To keep individuals safe, there are now vaping regulations. Always take a shower before vaping, clean the gym equipment before and after using it, and avoid letting the region you just vaped touch anyone else.


Although there is no scientific evidence to support the efficacy of vabbing in attracting people, it could give you a feeling of empowerment and self-assurance.
Vabbing is not known to have any hazards or negative consequences. Vaginal discharge is common, but it has the potential to spread illnesses. As a result, while you should feel free to try vabbing during your free time, it might not be a good idea to do so in public settings like the gym.

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