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7 best homoeopathic medicine for acidity


Acidity /Hyperacidity is merely an increase in stomach acidity. Hydrochloric acid, which is required for food digestion, is secreted by gastric glands in the human stomach. Acidity, often known as acid dyspepsia, is a disorder when the stomach produces an excessive quantity of hydrochloric acid.  These acids are present in the stomach to aid in the digestion of meals. When food enters the stomach, acids start to come out. Nevertheless, certain are more difficult to digest than others. The stomach must secrete more acids in response to these foods. Hyperacidity in the stomach may result from such acids being continuously secreted.


There are a number of variables that could increase this excessive acidity. Acidity is not a disease on its own. It is actually a result of some circumstances.

-.Non-steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID):- Long-Term Use of these medicines..

Poor dietary choices, such as frequently consuming rich spices, carbonated drinks etc..consumption of chocolate, tea, and coffee in excess..

Depression and anxiety.sleep deprivation for an extended period of time.

Excessive alcohol consumption.


Inadequate physical activity.

One of the most typical reasons for increased production of acid is stomach ulcers..

GERD .Gastric contents flowing backwards into the oesophagus is the hallmark of the chronic condition known as GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder).


  • Constant stomach ache and restlessness.
  • Nausea and vomit.
  • Loss of appetite and chest burning.
  • Belching with a sour eructation .
  • Abdominal discomfort .
  • Bloating.
  • Abdominal gurgle and flatulence.
  • Throbbing headache with a tendency to feel nauseous.
  • Vertigo


Homoeopathy treats the underlying causes of the symptom in order to activate the person's immune system and help the body cure itself through the administration of a remedy. Every feature of the patient should be taken into account while selecting the best drug to cure acidity. Homeopathy can be quite effective in curing acidity.  Below are the 7 Homeopathic medicines for acidity.


Slow and sluggish digestion, heaviness in the stomach and intestines, and a faint, gone-for-good feeling in the stomach which doesn't get better by eating. However, there is a feeling of repletion after a few mouthfuls. The patient needs to lean over backwards due to severe burning in the stomach, chest, and abdomen along with cramping symptoms. stomach heaviness. The eructations smell unpleasant. sour and offensive. The upper abdomen or the stomach are both experiencing flatulence.


Flatulence radiates over the entire abdomen and the uncomfortable distension can only be temporarily relieved by belching. Eructations that are sour , bitter or irritating. Distended abdomen with flatus. After a late dinner, delayed digestion becomes worse. This medicine differs from carbo veg because it doesn't have rancid belching or burning. The fact that food does not digest but instead stays in the stomach for a long time, creating eructations, before being thrown out undigested is an important sign of this Homeopathic medicine.


It should be taken when the lower area of the abdomen is experiencing flatulence. The desire for sweets is an important sign of this medicine.  It has a sour taste and causes sour belching and vomiting, it is very helpful for atonic and acid forms of dyspepsia.  Discomfort is felt in the stomach. Eructations don't provide any relief, unfortunately. It is useful for new-born infants who have colic.


It is a good remedy for digestive disorders.  The patient has decreased appetite post-meal discomfort and indigestion. It has spasmodic vomiting and aches originating from the epigastrium in a number of directions.  About 30 minutes after eating, the discomfort starts in the stomach.  It is a great remedy for acidity and stomach problems in alcoholic patients. Symptoms are severe in the morning.


Symptoms of this medicine include dry mouth, morning breath that is foul, and a feeling that food has lodged under the sternum. Thick, dry, white coating over the tongue: Food tastes acidic and causes heartburn.   Symptoms like water brash and eructations are also present.  The patient is thirstless and has a  bad taste. It is very beneficial for dyspepsia. resulting from meals high in fat, pork, pastries, or mixed foods. The patient is chilly, but the heat makes them worse. Unlike Nux Vom, which is worse in the morning, it is worse in the evening.


Food regurgitation is a symptom of this homoeopathic medicine. Craving cold food, which is promptly thrown up when it warms up in the stomach.  Empty feeling in the stomach. vomiting due to persistent dyspepsia. It is one of the medicines for cancer, indurations, erosions, and other degenerative processes. Anaemia and rapid flesh loss are marked.


Arsenic Album is a medicine for acidity that causes a burning throat ache. Swallowing makes the burning worse. My stomach aches and food is tough to swallow. Acid reflux, water brash, heartburn,  nausea, and weakness etc. are present are the common symptoms of the patient. In addition, the arsenic album is a highly effective medicine for esophagitis, an inflammatory condition of the oesophagus.


What kind of food worsens acidity ?

Spicy food, carbonated drinks, coffee processed foods etc should be avoided if suffering from acidity.

What foods are good for acidity?

In general, whole meals served freshly with few additive preservatives or chemicals are beneficial to health.  Fresh vegetables, curd and high-fibre foods should be included in the diet.

How to reduce symptoms of acidity naturally?

Avoiding junk food and including regular physical activity can help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Water intake should be increased as it will help to maintain overall digestion. Regular frequent small meals should be preferred over single large meal.

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