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Homoeopathic medicine for hairfall


Homeopathy has a lot of potential for treating hairfall . Homeopathy can be quite effective depending on the cause of hairfall  Hairfall occurs commonly nowadays, although it's more common in older people, anyone can get it, even kids. The average daily hair loss is between 50 and 100 hair strands. In most cases, new hair grows in to replace the lost hair, if new hair doesn't grow then it is called hair loss/ hairfall. Hair loss can occur suddenly or gradually over many years. It could be either short-term or severe, depending on the underlying cause.  People's hair tends to thin down and become less dense as they age. This type of baldness is frequently not caused by a disease. Age, heredity, and variations in hormones are all factors contributing to hair fall.



There are many men and women who experience inherited or pattern baldness. After puberty, baldness can develop at any time.


Hair fall could occur in response to physical or emotional stress known as Telogen effluvium.Hair frequently comes out in handfuls when you shampoo, comb, or run your hands through your hair.


Extreme diets with inadequate protein intakes and deficiencies in certain micronutrients, such as vitamins,iron etc. can occasionally cause noticeable hair loss.One should see a doctor for a blood test to determine whether they have a nutritional deficiency that could be causing hair loss.

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Hair loss is one of the negative effects of several drugs.Some examples of such drugs are: medications to decrease cholesterol, blood thinner, antidepressants etc.


An autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata causes abrupt hairfall. Along with other healthy bodily parts, the immune system also targets hair follicles for destruction. Eyelash hair, brow hair, and scalp hair in little pieces can fall out.


You can actually break and cause considerable damage to your hair while trying to create a fashionable hairstyle, which could lead to hair loss and thinning hair.


The following homoeopathic medicines are well known for treating hair fall.


People have traditionally utilized arnica, an ancient remedy, to treat hair loss. Arnica increases and improves blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result, it is helpful in the treatment of female pattern baldness.

Natrum Muriaticum

This medication functions best if you have hair loss brought on by dandruff or dry skin on your scalp. Even in cases of skin conditions that induce hair loss or hair fall brought on due to some menstrual cycle disturbance, this medication is beneficial. Therefore, if hormonal imbalance is the root of your hair loss, this medication will be quite helpful.


This particular drug also encourages better hair growth. It specifically acts on the places where there is extreme hair loss and encourages regrowth there. This medication can also be utilized by those whose scalp problems and dandruff are causing hair loss.


Skin infections can lead to hair loss in certain people. So, it is conceivable that you could experience hair loss if you have illnesses like psoriasis and dandruff. Then, this medication performs tops in treating these issues and promoting hair growth. This medication will work well if used frequently.SiliceaMost homeopathic professionals trust Silicea when it comes to treating hair loss and recommend it to patients. This Homeopathic medicine, is well known for promoting healthy hair growth and reducing hair dryness.  Additionally, it enables complete hair nourishing to promote hair development.

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Kalium Carbonicum

This is a well-known and one of the greatest treatments for hair loss and hair growth.  This is recognized as a highly effective homeopathic remedy for hair loss and restoration as well as for reducing hair thinning and brittleness.  This medicine can be used to heal damaged roots and nourish them in patients whose hair falls out at the roots.


This homoeopathic medicine helps in preventing premature hair loss. This specific medication is suitable for both pregnant women who have hair loss and new mothers. The drug is created through a procedure in which the spores of club moss, an evergreen plant, are distilled.


This medication may be your best option if you have patchy baldness on your head or hair that is going out on the sides. You can get tiny breakouts on your head and an itchy scalp as a result of the excessive humidity. Hair loss could result from this. This medication treats these issues and stops hair loss.

Fluoricum acidum

The treatment for alopecia, brittle hair, vertex baldness, idiopathic hair loss, tangled hair, and other diseases are effectively treated by the use of this Homeopathic medicine. Hair growth and volume are both enhanced.

You can use these medications to treat dandruff and scalp irritation if you have dandruff-related hair loss. This medication avoids hair loss, bald areas, and hair fall caused by dandruff.

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