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Homoeopathic medicine for Pyorrhea


Pyorrhea, commonly known as periodontitis, is an inflammatory condition that results in the deterioration of the bone and soft tissues that surround the teeth. Gingivitis is where periodontitis usually starts. Gum inflammation caused by plaque buildup as a result of bad oral hygiene is referred to as gingivitis. Periodontitis develops from gingivitis when left untreated. Pyorrhea is helped with homeopathic medications that alleviate symptoms.Drugs for Pyorrhea in Homeopathy

Deal With Pyorrhea
Homoeopathic medicine for Pyorrhea 3

Pyorrhea is an advanced stage of gingivitis where the tooth's supporting components are affected by the gums' swelling. There are numerous names for gum disease and conditions that are related to it: Periodontitis (Pyorrhea), gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Simply explained, plaque and tartar accumulation along the gum line is the primary cause of gum disease. Bacteria that are present in plaque and tartar can result in a gum infection.

If a gum infection is not treated, bone and tooth loss may result. According to the Fact, gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults.You may find it challenging to chew and digest meals adequately to absorb the nutrients if your teeth lack power and function.


  • Biological Factors
  • Lack of dental Hygiene
  • Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
  • Vitamin and Calcium Deficiency
  • Patient with Diabetes etc.


Gum swelling, soreness, and tenderness, red or purple gums, bleeding gums, spitting up blood after brushing, foul breath, a metallic aftertaste in the mouth, receding gums, and loose teeth in their sockets are all signs of pyorrhea.



Homeopathy has had fantastic success treating dental conditions including pyorrhea. A long variety of drugs are available to treat pyorrhea. These drugs relieve the symptoms. Based on the specific case presentation, the best medication is chosen. Since these medications are natural, they have no potential for negative side effects. The most effective treatments for pyorrhea include Merc Sol, Carbo Veg, Kreosotum, Phosphorous, and Lachesis.

Merc Sol – ( A Top Grade homoeopathic Pyorrhea Medicine)

One of the top prescribed drugs for pyorrhea is Merc Sol. Very swollen, sensitive, and bleeding gums are indications of Merc Sol usage. The gums could have a bluish red hue. A metallic taste in the mouth and foul breath are accompanying symptoms. Saliva production may also have increased. A few people may also complain of their teeth becoming looser in their sockets. Merc Sol is one of the best treatments for pyorrhea in all of these situations and works beautifully.

Carbo Vegetablis

Use this for Pyorrhea, in which brushing your teeth causes your gums to bleed. One of the best treatments for pyorrhea is carbohydrate vegetable, which is highly suggested when the gums bleed easily when brushing your teeth. Usually receding and having a dark look, these gums. A toothache is present in addition to these symptoms. When you chew food, this pain gets worse. In these circumstances, where Carbo Veg will demonstrate amazing effects as the medication of choice for pyorrhea, a bitter, sour taste in the mouth may be complained of.


This medicine if used for Pyorrhea with Putrescent Mouth Odor.
In cases of pyorrhea, kreosotum is renowned for its potently beneficial effects on teeth and the tissues that support them. When symptoms include bluish, puffy gums and a strong putrid odor coming from the mouth, kreosotum is most advised. Another important sign to watch for while receiving a prescription for Kreosotum, the best treatment option for pyorrhea, is bleeding of dark blood from the gums. In such situations, the tooth may be discolored, decaying, or crumbly.

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Phosphorus is another medication that is extensively featured on the list of medications for pyorrhea. In pyorrhea cases when the gums bleed easily, it can be helpful. An anti-hemorrhagic drug is phosphorus. In addition to bleeding, discomfort and gum pain are observed in such circumstances. Both heat and cold exacerbate the gum discomfort.  Along with gum discomfort, pain in the teeth might also occur.


This medicine is indicated for Swollen Cheeks and Pyorrhea. Lachesis is regarded as the medication that works best for pyorrhea when the cheeks are puffy. The gums are quite swollen and dark purple. The mouth also starts to burn as a result. Another unusual symptom is a peppery or coppery aftertaste. Lachesis will help the fastest recovery among treatments for pyorrhea with similar symptoms, when tooth pain frequently spreads to the ears.

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