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Best 5 homoeopathic medicine for Mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are painful, superficial sores inside the mouth that are also referred to as aphthous ulcers or canker sores. They look like excruciating white or yellow sores that are encircled by an intense red border. A mouth ulcer is a mucous membrane lesion. A burning feeling is the first sign of an ulcer development, which is followed by a red patch and eventually turns into an ulcer. Eating, drinking, and conversing may become awkward around them.

ulcers in mouth
Best 5 homoeopathic medicine for Mouth ulcer 3

Usually, an ulcer's pain goes away over the course of a week, and the ultimate healing happens in 2–3 days. The ulcer may be accompanied by a mild to moderate fever. The illness known as fever blisters, which typically affect the lips and corners of the mouth, is different from mouth ulcers. Common sites where mouth ulcer occur inside of the lips inside of the cheeksBase of gumsUnder the tongue on the palate


Injury while eating or due to broken teeth Hot food and beverages such as tea and coffee can cause mouth ulcers. Infection caused by bacteria, virus, fungi etc. Vitamin B12 deficiency Poor oral hygiene.SmokingChemical burns by some holding in the mouth for a longer time


  • Pain which is mild, moderate or severe.
  • Difficulty in eating and drinking.
  • Discomfort while talking.
  • Burning sensation in the mouth.
  • Increased thirst


Almost everyone experiences mouth sores at some point in their lives. Most people also concur that these small-appearing ulcers can be extremely uncomfortable. For some people, the discomfort and irritability tend to interfere with their daily lives. Homoeopathic mouth ulcer treatments are effective in both treating the ulcers promptly and assisting in their prevention from returning. Natural medication for the treatment of mouth ulcers aids in lowering discomfort and shortening the duration of ulcers during the acute stage of the condition.

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Women are more likely than men to get mouth ulcers. These ulcers' pain might occasionally be so intense that it interferes with speaking and eating normally. Along with the pain, mouth ulcers also have the bothersome characteristic of “frequent recurrence.” Some people experience these ulcers rather regularly. It is a common problem with mouth ulcers that new ulcers are already forming while the initial batch is still not totally healed. Apthae, or mouth ulcers, commonly appear in groups or rows.


Mercurius Solubilis

A treatment for mouth ulcers called Mercurius Solubilis is produced by triturating quicksilver. It demonstrates a potent impact on all bodily organs and tissues. In addition to reducing discomfort and hastening ulcer healing, Merc Sol also eliminates the propensity for recurring mouth ulcers. It is the first line of treatment for mouth ulcers (for the majority of homeopathic doctors).

It is recommended for all types of ulcers, no matter how tiny or large, and in cases when the mouth is inflamed with burning aphthous ulcers and excessive salivation. Indications for this medication include excessive mouth saliva and a need for cool water while suffering from ulcers. a bad, metallic taste in the mouth, oral thrush that develops into ulcers, diffused redness of the entire mouth mucous membrane, and excessive salivation.

Borax Veneta –

For Easily Bleeding Mouth Ulcers A medication made from sodium bicarbonate is called borax. Sodium bicarbonate was once employed to counteract the effects of too much stomach acid production. It is used to heal ulcers in homeopathy that have a propensity to bleed readily when touched or when eating. Borax should also be taken when there is mouth dryness and a quick ulcer-forming process. The inside of the cheeks and the mouth both develop ulcers. Infants and babies who have oral ulcers can also utilize it.

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Nitric Acid:

It is used to treat painful mouth ulcers. It has a noticeable effect on the body outlets where the skin and mucous membranes meet. On the soft palate, inside the cheeks, and on the borders of the tongue, it is used to cure ulcers.

When the entire mouth is ulcerated and the pain is intense, it is typically utilized. Sticking pains in ulcers, similar to those caused by splinters, are the primary indications for using nitric acid as therapy. Additionally, it is applied to mucous membranes that are prone to ulceration, swelling, and biting. The patient is unable to chew food due to the swollen mucous membrane and other conditions, such as sensitive, ulcerated gums.

Muratic Acidum:

Muratic Acidum is a medication used to treat mouth ulcers where there are several perforating ulcers in the mouth. The cheeks and palate are too red, and the ulcers typically have a dark or black base. The red, swollen, and uncomfortable ulcers typically originate from aphthous stomatitis. There could be significant oral dryness.

Kalium iodium

For irregularly shaped mouth ulcers, use kalium iodium. kalium iodum is utilized when the mucous membrane of the mouth develops irregular ulcers. They appear to be covered in a milky substance. Numerous salivations, an unpleasant mouth odor, heat in the mouth, swelling, dryness, and bitterness in the mouth, as well as the throat, are some signs that point to the need for this medication.

Mouth ulcers can be treated using homeopathic medications, which are secure. For the best advice on the best treatment for your problem, speak with a homoeopath.


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