Homoepathic medicine for hand foot and mouth disease


The coxsackievirus A16 (an enterovirus) is primarily responsible for the highly contagious illness known as hand, foot, and mouth disease. This is a minor virus that can affect individuals of any age, although small children—often those under the age of five—are most frequently impacted. Hand, foot, and mouth disease homeopathic medication aids in battling the viral infection and promotes a natural recovery. 

Homoepathic medicine for hand foot and mouth disease 3


The infection of hand, foot, and mouth disease is a threat to children in child care facilities.

  • The oral sores and rash/blisters on the hands and feet are symptoms of this illness.
  • By coming into touch with saliva, respiratory droplets, blister fluid, or feces of a person harboring this virus, one is more likely to become ill.
  • Additionally, this illness can be spread by direct touch with items that have been exposed to the hand, foot, and mouth disease virus.


Hand, foot, and mouth illness may cause the symptoms and indications listed below. They consist of:

  • Fever. a sore throat.
  • There are painful, blister-like sores on the tongue, gums, and inside of the cheeks.
  • Rash on the buttocks, soles, and occasionally the palms is not uncomfortable even though it rarely has blisters.
  • Depending on the skin tone, the rash could appear as tiny pimples that are red, white, or gray.
  • In young children's fussiness. Decrease in appetite.


Hand, foot, and mouth disease cases respond very well to homeopathy. The symptoms of sore throat, skin rash/blisters, and mouth sores/blisters in hand, foot, and mouth disease are all well treated with homeopathic medicine. Belladonna, Hepar Sulph, Phytolacca, Merc Sol, Natrum Mur, and Rhus Tox are the leading treatments for hand, foot, and mouth illness in children.


A top-notch medication for treating sore throat in hand, foot, and mouth illness is belladonna.  When Belladonna is required, there is throat pain and soreness. The throat is swollen and red. There is a hot sensation and throat dryness. Even with liquids, swallowing is quite unpleasant. There is a lumpy sensation in the throat. Along with the aforementioned symptoms, a fever with noticeable body heat emerges.



For cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease with a sore throat when the pain goes to the ear, hepar sulfur is an important medication. When you cough or swallow, your throat hurts. The throat is raw, and the reddish follicles are swollen. One can feel mucous in the throat. These symptoms are accompanied by a fever and chills.


The main sign that Phytolacca should be used is throat pain with a distinct burning sensation. Throat inflammation makes it appear dark red or bluish red. The throat is dry and scratchy. Especially when eating, throat soreness may radiate to the ear.


When oral sores or blisters develop as a result of hand, foot, and mouth disease, the medication Merc Sol can be very helpful. Sores may develop on the tongue, gums, and inner cheek as a result of using Merc Sol. Sores have red edges. The mouth is swollen. With increased salivation, the mouth and tongue stay moist. The mouth may have an unpleasant, fetid odor. In addition to the aforementioned uses, Merc Sol is a top-notch drug for healing sore throats.


When it comes to treating skin blisters brought on by hand, foot, and mouth disease, natrum mur is highly regarded. Blisters when Natrum Mur is suggested contain watery fluid. Clear fluid is present. There can be a stinging or prickling feeling on the skin.


It is a good acting remedy for Treating Itchy Blister. Situations of itchy blisters associated with hand, foot, and mouth disease, rhus tox is effective. Clear water, yellow fluid, or milky fluid can all be found inside the blisters. The area of skin around the blisters is noticeably red. In most situations where Rhus Tox is required, the itching in blisters is worse after midnight. The blisters hurt to touch as well.

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Homeopathy is effective, when the right medications are prescribed. In such cases homoeopathic treatment can be quite successful because it helps thechild develop immunity and fights the viral infection quickly and effectively without causing any negative effects.It will support  child's general development as well. Doctors are highly qualified to give a comprehensive information on care and  dietary needs, approach with children etc.

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