which homoeopathic medicine work for rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis instances that are mild to moderate respond remarkably to homeopathy. However, homeopathy aids in the management of symptoms in severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis with extensive deformities. Although the abnormalities cannot be corrected, homeopathic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis can help manage pain and stiffness in the joints.

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which homoeopathic medicine work for rheumatoid arthritis 3


A chronic inflammatory condition called rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation of the joints along with pain, swelling, and stiffness. Usually starting in the small joints of the hands or feet, these symptoms might subsequently spread to other big joints as well. It frequently affects several joints simultaneously and symmetrically. Due to the autoimmune nature of the condition, the body's own defense cells begin to eat away at its own healthy tissues.

Immune cells in rheumatoid arthritis generate inflammation, which then causes the joints to disintegrate. Although it mostly affects the joints, it can also have an impact on the heart, lungs, eyes, skin, and other organs. It progresses and might result in joint deformity and disability if not properly treated in a timely manner. Strong genetic underpinnings exist for this illness, which typically runs in families.


Rheumatoid arthritis's exact cause is not fully understood. It is, however, believed to be an autoimmune condition.It's unclear exactly what sets off RA's autoimmune process. But some things can make you more likely to get the illness. The first of these is genetic influence. Human leucocyte antigen HLA-DR1 and HLA-DR4 genes increase a person's risk of developing this illness.


Compared to men, women are more vulnerable. Middle-aged people are most affected. A person's risk for this condition may also be increased by a family history of the condition, smoking, obesity, exposure to asbestos or silica in the environment, stress, and previous viral infections such the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).


The main joint symptoms are pain, edema, and stiffness, which generally manifest in the morning and following periods of inactivity. The same joints on both sides of the body are used in this, which involves several joints in a symmetrical manner.Immune cells in rheumatoid arthritis generate inflammation, which then causes the joints to disintegrate. Joints are the main areas it affects.

Small joints in the hands or feet are where the symptoms first appear, and they may later spread to other joints such the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle.In the flare-up phase, the affected joint is also red, heated, and sensitive to touch. If properly treated at the right time, loss of joint function, mobility, and deformity emerge in later stages. Weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, muscular aches, depression, and anemia are a few typical indications and symptoms that may accompany joint involvement.


The following are the diagnostic standards for rheumatoid arthritis:To determine whether someone has rheumatoid arthritis, any four of the following must be true:1. Joint inflammation in three to four or more joints, lasting longer than six weeks.2. Stiffness in the morning that lasts for more than 30 minutes3. The same joints on both sides of the body are affected symmetrically4. Wrist, hand, or finger joint arthritis5.The emergence of skin-deep rheumatoid nodules6.Serum rheumatoid factor that is positive7. Radiographic changes that point to joint erosion

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Rhus Tox

This homoeopathic medicine is good for reducing joint pain and stiffness.Rhus Tox helps to relieve joint pain and stiffness by reducing joint inflammation.Most people who need it have stiffness in the morning and stiffness after inactivity. They might feel better after moving the affected joint and using warm treatments. By rubbing the joint, they may get relief.

Bryonia alba

Bryonia is helpful for red, hot, and swollen joints. As a result, joint pain occurs. The aches have the sensation of being sewn. Motion exacerbates the discomfort, but rest alleviates it. Warmth may alleviate pain. It is advised when the knee and elbow joints are most severely impacted.

Antimonium Crudum

This homoeopathic medicine might ease pain in the joints of the fingers. Treatment for finger joint discomfort and inflammation reduction are highly effective. People who require it typically feel pain from the cold getting worse. Warm applications provide them with comfort.

Apis Mellifica

It is  used to reduce edema in joints. It is advised to decrease the swelling.  Additionally, the joint is painful, red, and inflamed. Treatment with apis is also effective for joint pain that mostly burns or stings. The joint is touch-sensitive as well.


Small joint arthritis can also be treated with caulophyllum. In situations requiring it, the tiny joints are uncomfortable and rigid. In such circumstances, the fingers, toes, ankle, and wrist joints are impacted. The discomfort keeps transferring within minutes from one joint to another. Sometimes, nodes can be found on finger joints.

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For really tender joints, try arnica.When joints are exceedingly sensitive, arnica is mostly used. Due to the discomfort and tenderness, the person is extremely afraid to touch the affected joint. Along with severe swelling, the knee often feels bruised and sore.

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