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Homoeopathic medicine for fatty liver


The word “fatty liver” refers to the buildup of fat in the liver. The liver breaks down everything you consume and removes noxious elements from the blood. This process is restricted if the liver has an excessive amount of fat.

Homoeopathic medicine for fatty liver 3


  • Alcoholism
  • Poor diet
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive medication etc.


Particularly in the beginning stages, fatty liver symptoms can be vague. The majority of people who have a fatty liver have symptoms of :

  • Illness
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain without evident cause etc.


The fatty liver disease can be reversed and returned to normal with the help of homoeopathic treatments. Patients are given homoeopathic following an examination of the distinctive symptoms they individually encounter. Homoeopathic treatments for fatty livers are fully risk-free and have no adverse effects.



For Fatty Liver with Pain in the Right Upper abdomen chelidonium is the finest homoeopathic treatment for fatty liver. The drug's main symptoms e are a right upper abdomen discomfort and soreness under the right shoulder. The liver could also enlarge. The person experiences constipation frequently. The stool-shaped hard balls pass through. The stomach swells and nausea and vomiting also occur. The victim of excessive weakness is impacted. Chelidonium is the most effective treatment for jaundice in a patient with fatty liver. When selecting this drug, it is important to take your craving for extremely hot beverages and food into account.

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A remedy for treating fatty liver with stomach symptoms and acidity is lycopodium. Soon after eating something, the patient complains of abdominal distension or bloating.The stomach feels like it's full of gas. Burning belching is also audible. You can feel satisfied in the stomach after even a tiny meal. It feels heavy and painful in the patient's right upper abdomen. Later in the day, the symptoms often get worse. Food containing farina makes the person worse. There can be an unusual, overwhelming hankering for hot drinks and sweets.


Calcarea Carb is a highly advantageous natural remedy for people with fatty livers who are mostly obese. The person has additional fat in their liver and all over their belly. This medication effectively aids in the liver's extra fat-burning process. When a person has chronic constipation, their digestion is quite slow. The stomach is usually bloated. Milk is inappropriate for some people. One or more constitutional symptoms, such as a need for boiled eggs or odd objects like chalk and pencils, are noted. Another is having a high threshold for cold and having profuse head sweating.


Natural Treatment for Fatty Liver and Abdominal Pain after Eating When excessive alcohol use is the cause of fatty liver, the best homoeopathic treatment is nux vomica. It is prescribed when abdominal pain and a stone-like feeling first appear a few hours after eating. Along with the pain comes a sour or bitter belching. Constipation with an ineffective urge to pass stool or poop is a very important symptom for choosing Nux Vomica for Fatty Liver. But the stool is inadequate and unsatisfying. Shortly after, the urge to pass faeces reappears, but it momentarily soothes the discomfort in the abdomen. The patient has an appetite for fatty, spicy, coffee, and alcoholic .



For people with fatty liver who experience food coming up after eating, phosphorus is the best natural remedy. Belching which is acidic goes along with this. Vomiting may occasionally occur in a few patients together with liver pain. The flatus and stool are really repulsive. After passing stools, the patient feels lethargic. An important sign that a patient with a fatty liver should take this medication is a demand for unusual foods in their diet. These strange items include ice cream, chilly beverages, and hydrating foods like juices.

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