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If you have , you might be curious as to whether changing to keto will assist with any of your symptoms. Insulin resistance, which occurs when your body doesn't react properly to the hormone insulin, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and fat storage, is a hallmark of PCOS, just like it is of type 2 diabetes Given that the low carb, high fat keto diet is frequently recommended as a means to reduce insulin resistance in those with type 2 diabetes, those with PCOS may also benefit from it The advantages and drawbacks of a ketogenic diet for PCOS symptoms are discussed in this article.

What is PCOS ?


One in ten women in childbearing years are thought to have PCOS, a prevalent hormonal disorder. It continues to be a significant contributor to female infertility and alters hormone levels and metabolism.Although the precise origin of PCOS is unknown, it is believed that a number of variables may be involved.Low-grade inflammation and hormonal imbalances, such as those involving insulin and testosterone, are some of these.

Women with PCOS may have testosterone levels that are greater than normal.obesity, gaining weight, or having trouble decreasing weightHaving too much body hair, especially on the face or chin.

What is Keto diet?

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Ketones are indicated by the word “keto” in the keto diet. Small molecules known as “ketone bodies” are released as part of the metabolism of fat. We use carbohydrates for the majority of our daily cellular energy because fats are not meant to be used as an energy source. Most people who follow a ketogenic diet limit their daily carbohydrate consumption to under 50 grams.

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When you follow a low carb, high fat diet, your body is forced into a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. When you don't eat any carbohydrates, the liver produces ketones. Different forms of ketones are used as fuel by your body. When you consume a diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates,which results in low insulin levels. The effects of keto diets on PCOS have also been examined in a few recent studies

Does keto diet work for PCOS?


In persons with obesity and type 2 diabetes, researchers have discovered that keto diets may increase insulin sensitivity, assist regulate hunger hormones, and encourage weight loss. Lower blood sugars assist insulin-resistant people with PCOS or prediabetes, because lower insulin levels urge the body to burn fat rather than store it. As a result, body weight and body fat are lowered, some people have more energy, and cardiac risk factors are decreased.

Insulin resistance and a number of symptoms are reduced in PCOS sufferers.  aid in losing weight. High insulin levels encourage weight growth, making PCOS patients gain weight quite frequently and occasionally challenging to control. By eliminating carbohydrates, you can lower insulin levels, which can therefore lower fat storage.

It helps to reduce the inflammation. Because fat cells create inflammatory substances, obesity in PCOS is intrinsically inflammatory. When inflammation persists for a long time, it damages blood vessels and contributes to chronic discomfort and heart disease. You will feel better and have a better prognosis in the long run if you lose weight and fat.


Loosing weight assist in balancing hormone levels. Inflammation can also lead to hormonal abnormalities that favor higher amounts of testosterone than estrogen or other female hormones. Acne and uncontrollable hair growth are caused by this hormone profile. Most females who follow a ketogenic diet report an improvement in these symptoms.

Your fertility is negatively impacted by the abnormal hormonal patterns associated with PCOS by decreasing your capacity to ovulate. You have a better chance of getting pregnant once these patterns have normalized. Additionally, menstrual stability is recovered.


Fatigue, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and a decreased tolerance for exertion are some of the short-term side effects. These usually go away within a few days, but long-term conditions such kidney stones, fatty liver disease, vitamin deficiencies, and low blood protein levels can develop. Additionally, keto diets are not well tolerated over several months or years.

The unfavorable side effects like headache, cold, brain fog, dizziness, and irritability are symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal. Sugar cravings, which may contribute to the PCOS-related inflammation.

There may be an unpleasant connection between keto diet and disordered eating. According to studies, it is found that women with PCOS are more likely to struggle with eating disorders.  For women with PCOS,it is not advised to try these kinds of limiting diets. PCOS pateint can suffer mood fluctuations because eating is linked to mood. Less blood sugar available for the brain to use as energy can affect mood and make you feel angry.


Despite the drawbacks, PCOS sufferers who use the keto diet to manage their symptoms can see a quick improvement in their metabolic disorder symptoms.Despite the fact that the diet does not treat PCOS, it can kick-start a weight-reduction program that may have longer-lasting favorable effects even after the diet is stopped, especially if the weight loss is sustained. It's critical to be aware of and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of following a ketogenic diet. This diet should never be used by certain people, such as those who have pancreatitis, advanced liver disease, or specific enzyme deficits that impact how fat is metabolized. Diabetes patients on insulin or other oral treatments run the danger of experiencing very low blood sugar levels if medication changes aren't made carefully. Talk to your doctor and an advanced-care nutritionist before making any significant dietary changes, including switching to the keto diet, to ensure that they are secure for you.

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